BRYAN ADAMS. Waking up the neighbours |

Kategori: DUBBEL LP. Pop/rock. Prod år: 1991.

Låtar: Sid A. 1. Is your mama gonna miss ya? 2. Hey honey-I´m packin´you in!

3. Can´t stop this thing we started 4. Thought I´d died and gone to heaven

Sid B. 1.Not guilty 2. Vanishing 3. House arrest 4. Do I have to say the words?

Sid C. 1. There will never be another tonight 2. All I want is you

3. Depend on me 4. (Everything I do) I do it for you

Sid D. 1. If you wanna leave me (can I come too?) 2. Touch the hand

3. Don´t drop that bomb on me